ExpiréPET Stickers 320 x 310, 3 pièces

14,99 $
PET Stickers 320 x 310, 3 pièces
PET Stickers 320 x 310, 3 pièces
14,99 $

PET 3D printing surface/sheet (320*310mm,3 pieces)

PET 3D printing surface/sheet (320*310mm,5pieces)

Welcome to use our 3D printing panel!

The copyright of this product is owned by MAMORUBOT, exclusive first issue!

1. Material description of the printing panel:

This product is composed of PET and epoxy resin board. The surface of PET can withstand 125 degrees Celsius. The thickness is 0.11 mm. Length and width can be cut arbitrarily.

This product has passed the environmental protection test and meets the requirements of the test standard. Please feel free to use it.

2. Advantages of this product:

1. Light texture. It can be directly attached to your hot bed; it can also be attached to a support (reinforcement) board; it can reduce the load of the cycle step motor.

2. Improve the printing environment. When you print PLA and PETG, you can set the hot bed temperature below the indoor temperature (the hot bed will not work). Improve your printing environment and give you a cool world.

3. Easy to install. The printing platform can be clamped on the hot bed with a clip.

4. Easy to take mould. No shovels or other tools are required. The model can be removed with a little force. (See Notes)

5. Printing cost is low. When using PLA and PETG, the product does not need to heat the hot bed and saves electricity, and it has light weight, lower packaging cost and transportation cost.  Consumers can get cheaper prints.

3. Notes:

Prior to printing

1. Clip the printing platform on the hot bed.

2. When there is no foreign body on the surface, there is no need to use organic solvent such as alcohol to wipe the surface; (It can be used, but not necessary)

3. When the residual foreign bodies on the surface cannot be removed by nails due to improper operation, please use small blades or shovels carefully, and do not scratch the surface.

4. The optimum distance between nozzle and surface is 0.15mm, but it is not absolute value. It depends on the thickness of the first layer you set.

5. When the nozzle is too close to the surface, the surface will leave a print mark, which is normal and can still be used normally.  But it is suggested to adjust the distance.

6. When printing PLA/PETG, your hot bed temperature can be set below the indoor temperature; but when printing ABS, the recommended temperature is 100 degrees Celsius.

7. Keep the printing platform level.

After printing

1. When you take down the printed copy, you need to exert a little more effort. Avoid the fragile parts of the print. This is also the reason why the use of tough sheets is recommended. Flip the sheet gently, and the printed piece will pop up.

2. When the temperature of the hot bed is above 70 degrees Celsius, the ABS printer can be easily removed.

3. The service life of this product depends on your use. It can be used as long as it is not damaged.

4. If the product is damaged, it is recommended that the hot bed be heated to 60 degrees Celsius when it is replaced. The product can be cut into strips before heating. After tearing off, there will be a small amount of glue residue on the sticker. You can clean it with alcohol or isopropanol.

5. If the surface of PET is damaged and you haven’t purchased it in time, you can clean the surface of the sheet and continue to use it, but the hot bed needs to be heated at this time. The heating temperature (PLA/60, PETG/70, ABS/100)

4. After-sales contact information:

Mailbox: support@mamorubot.com

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