Atomstack Cambrian Max

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Atomstack Cambrian Max Desktop Rubber 3D Printer. Imprimante 3d FDM Direct Drive dimension d'impression 330*320*380mm

Atomstack Cambrian Max Desktop Rubber 3D Printer. Imprimante 3d FDM Direct Drive dimension d'impression 330*320*380mm

Atomstack Cambrian Max Desktop Rubber 3D Printer. Imprimante 3d FDM Direct Drive dimension d’impression 330*320*380mm

★ The world’s first 3D printer for rubber material
★ All anodized aluminum alloy body structure
★ Ultra-quiet TMC2225 motor drive chip
★ Large printing size 330*320*380mm

World’s 1st 3D Printer For The Most Elastic Rubber

3D printing is innovative technology that is changing the way products are created. Many of us have purchased a 3D printer hoping to print gadgets for daily use. Unfortunately, achieving useful prints for everyday objects is difficult due to the lack of elasticity and durability of the printing filament, ultimately making the 3d printer nothing more than a fun but expensive toy. That’s why we invented the Atomstack Cambrian 3D printer. It’s totally unique and unlike anything available on the market. It includes two swappable extruders that give it the power to print virtually anything. One is a 1.75mm extruder for common filament materials and the other is a specially designed 2.85mm extruder for TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) filament. Printing in Thermo Plastic Rubber opens up endless possibilities and lets users create durable end-use products for real world applications.

Atomstack Cambrian Max

Atomstack Cambrian Max main features:

1. The world’s first 3D printer for rubber material.

2. All anodized aluminum alloy body structure, all modules and main components are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which can ensure the rigidity required for accurate printing.

3. The item is equipped with an extruder for 2.85mm diameter rubber filament, modular design, and an additional special extruder for 1.75mm diameter filament is available to order, which could be quickly replaced. The printing function and switch freely. The 2.85mm extruder is used for printing TPR, and the 1.75mm extruder is for printing traditional filament PLA, PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, etc.

4. Integrated print head design, near-end feeding, precise control of filament extrusion and recycling, which makes prints pretty fine,no drawing nor blocking.

5. Exclusive developed super elastic printing rubber filament-TPR, with high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and high resilience rate (>50%). Using TPR rubber filament to achieve high-quality end-application rubber products at a lower cost: sports equipment, auto parts, electronic equipment, medical equipment, industrial design, etc. Create and print everyday objects and useful gadgets. The sole prints withstands 200,000 bends.

6. Ultra-quiet TMC2225 motor drive chip, fast, accurate, and quiet.

7. Large printing size, single-time maximum support 330*320*380mm works.

8. Brand-new lattice glass hot bed, rapid heating up to 110°in 2 minutes (high hardness, not easy to scratch, easy to remove model).

9. 4.3 -inch capacitive touch screen resolution: 800*480, the new UI design, easy to operate.

10. Hidden wiring harness, more beautiful and safer.

11. Rotatable cylinder rack reduces material deformation.

12. The Z -axis dual-motor ensure the printing horizontal and stable.

13. Simple operation and intelligent leveling.

14. Branded power supply, supports long continuous printing and resume printing for filament interruption as well as power interruption.

15. The printing status could be easily judged by ambient light change.

16. Easy to install,ready for use once unpacked.


In the FDM 3D printer industry, it’s not easy to print rubber-like filament because the elastic material has a very high possibility of becoming stuck in the nozzle. Atomstack’s 2.85mm extruder is specially designed to avoid the nozzle jam problem. It performs very well in printing rubber products like shoes, lattices, and balls, or components of other products that require elasticity and resiliency.

Cambrian is designed to accommodate a wide variety of printing tasks from prototyping to production. There are two models available depending on the size of printing area needed:

Cambrian Pro (235mm * 235mm * 250mm); 

Cambrian Max (330mm * 320mm * 380mm); 

Widely Used In Various Fields

Our TPR filament can be used in various fields, including sports equipment, auto parts, electronic devices, medical devices, industrial design, and more. Create and print everyday items and useful gadgets, you are bound only by your imagination!

Create Affordable & High-Quality End-Use Products

Design anything you can imagine and unleash your creativity into real-life products. Go ahead and print a pair of sneakers, a golf ball, or even a wallet! There is no limitation to what you can create with Cambrian.

We invented a special rubber filament TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) material that has never before been available for desktop 3D printers. This specially designed TPR has properties that make it perfect for 3D printing. With high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and resiliency ( >50%), you can use our TPR filaments to print any end-use rubber products.

Change the extruder for either TPR printing (2.85mm rubber direct extruder) or traditional printing (1.75mm extruder). Extruders are easy to swap out in seconds.

The direct extruder design makes the extruder close to the nozzle; therefore, it quickly react to the filament and start printing.

Our exclusive 1.75mm & 2.85mm extruders provide better extrusion, faster retraction, and a wider filaments range. You can easily push the filament through the nozzle and our direct extruder design keeps the extruder close to the nozzle so it can quickly react to the filament and start printing. Having two different extruders makes Cambrian compatible with a wide range of filaments. Even with flexible and abrasive materials, our direct extruder allows for a more reliable printing process.

Universal Filament Support

Atomstack Cambrian prints filaments including TPR, PLA, TPU, TPE, ABS, & PETG. Create architecture models, medical supplies, artwork, prototypes and other creative ideas easily with professional quality.

Lattice Glass Hot Bed

Cambrian comes with a patterned glass hotbed platform. It improves printing quality by keeping the extruded filament warm and thus preventing warping. It also makes the printout removal easier.

Environmental-Friendly Reusable Plate Design

We care about our environment as much as you do. We designed reusable filament plates for less carbon footprint and better value. Moreover, our filaments are made of environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic and safer to use.

Thanks to its silent TMC2225 built-in chip, the printer is fast, precise and quiet and won’t disturb you while working. The TMC2225 are ultra-silent motor driver ICs for two-phase stepper motors.

Use Out-of-box

Simply plug-in and you’re ready to start your 3D printing journey. Set up is fast, intuitive and simple. In order to maintain high performance and precision, the printer is divided into two parts for shipping. The aluminum frame components can be assembled and set up for printing in minutes.

Intuitive 4.3’’ LCD Touch Control

To make the printing process easy for anyone, we self-developed the control system & user interface with a capacitive touch screen that lets users enjoy a simple, intuitive printing experience to achieve great results every time.

Cambrian’s 4.3″ touchscreen LCD is an easy to use control panel. With it, users can precisely control the temperature of the hotbed & extruder, set printing parameters, and see print previews.

Easy-to-use UI and System

The specially designed UI system provides an efficient and enjoyable user experience. So you can manage your tasks directly from the system including adjusting operating temperature, dimensions, and leveling.

All-Metal Body

Cambrian is built to last. All modules and major components are made of high strength aluminum alloy which provides the rigidity needed for accurate prints.

Hidden Cables

All the cables are hidden for a sleek finish and professional presentation.

Package Included:

1* Cambrian Max 3D Printer
1* Accessories Kit
1* User Guide


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Atomstack Cambrian Max
Atomstack Cambrian Max
492,84 € 591,41 €
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